AirLife Annual EMS Conference
September 17, 2016


This year we are excited to introduce our Keynote Speaker:
World Renound Speaker:

Dr. Levitan
Adjunct Prof. Geisel (Dartmouth) School of Medicine
Visiting Prof. University of Maryland School of Medicines

The Airway Cam imaging system was invented by Dr. Levitan in 1994. Dr. Levitan balances this clinical activity with teaching courses, speaking engagements, and device development. In addition to the Airway Cam, his inventions include the Levitan FPS optical stylet, the Cric Key™ and Cric Knife™. He has published extensively on laryngoscopy and airway management and holds an Adjunct Professor appointment at Dartmouth (Geisel) School of Medicine, as well as a Visiting Professor appointment at the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine.

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